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Better IAD Patient Outcomes using the Total Barrier Protection System


by Brian Gwyther | January  22, 2020

 A ‘one size fits all’ approach to incontinence-associated dermatitis can be more expensive and may not even be right for all patients.

Barrier ointments are often used to treat all IAD conditions, but a more tailored approach offers better potential patient outcomes and cost efficiencies.

Clinicians currently prefer to choose a one product approach (i.e. one size fits all) for the three different levels of IAD; mild, moderate and severe.

This is usually because:

  • Staff might not be trained on the finer details of the IAD condition and how it presents at different stages.
  • The convenience and simplicity of using a single skin ointment across various IAD levels commonly referred to as a ‘sore bottom,’ may influence the decision of the clinicians and procurement personnel.
  • A reduced requirement for the Care Home to provide in-depth training and education to their staff.

However, using the right product for the right level of IAD often results in both better patient outcomes and cost-efficiencies.

For example; patients or care home residents with mild IAD can be treated very effectively with a £5 cream tube rather than an ointment tube that costs £10.

Care home residents with IAD are more likely to have either Mild or Moderate IAD; rarely is severe IAD seen in these residents.

Educating, training and empowering the care home staff to recognise the differences in the levels of IAD will enable them to choose the most appropriate treatment and management plan for better patient outcomes at an affordable cost.

Our Clinical Nurse Team is available to train staff, free of charge by enabling them to better understand IAD and the most effective way of treating it.

Benefits of the Medicareplus IAD training for staff are:

  • Improved skin condition awareness
  • Empowered staff knowledge
  • Correct product usage for current skin condition
  • Certificate of training
  • Enhance training compliance for the home

Training with our experienced clinical team can be provided digitally via Microsoft Teams and ZOOM or in person when local guidelines allow.

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