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 Cleance and Defend DUO Against

Moisture-Associated Skin Damage



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MEDI DERMA-PRO is a skin-friendly, moisturising Foam & Spray Incontinence Cleanser and a durable Skin Protectant Ointment to protect intact, injured or at-risk skin, particularly from severe incontinence.

MEDI DERMA-PRO Protectant Ointment and Incontinence Cleanser product literature and guidance is available below in PDF format. The PDFs displayed here are downloadable, printable and shareable; if you are restricted when sending files within your network the URL of this page can be used to share access –


“*The frequency of reapplication should be assessed on the needs of each patient. In cases of excessively wet skin, use you own clinical judgement to determine when reapplication is required”.


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