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The current COVID-19 situation has resulted in an increased use of supplemental oxygen. Since the start of the pandemic we have had numerous enquiries regarding the use of our barrier products with oxygen therapy and their paraffin content. As a result, we would like to clarify the following information:


Medi Derma-S Total Barrier Cream

Contains no paraffin and only a small amount of petrolatum (less than 10%). The product is, therefore, classified as non-flammable and is not considered as a potential fire hazard as deemed by the National Patient Safety Agency and MHRA. Further information and our company statement is available by clicking here.


Medi Derma-S film Total Barrier Film

Contains no paraffin or petrolatum, but is flammable. The flammability risk changes dependent upon which product is used.  For patients receiving oxygen therapy, we do not advise the use of sprays, particularly the aerosol spray due to the propellant it contains. We advocate use of the wipes or foam applicators, provided it is used within the safety protocols advised for any patient receiving oxygen – that is, where there is no exposure to a heat source, spark or naked flame.

As with other barrier films, Medi Derma-S film product is clearly marked as being flammable.  Prior to application the oxygen source should be removed and placed away from the patient while the product is being applied and allowed to dry fully. Depending on the format of Medi Derma-S film being applied, this will be between 5 – 30 seconds; the oxygen source can then be returned. We would recommend that the foam applicator be used in this situation as this is the fastest drying format and is not dispersed into the air during application.


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