Heroes Campaign: Thank you to all NHS Heroes & Key Worker Heroes

Email your stories to heroes@medicareplus.co.uk

Dear Sir/Madam, 

My team at Medicareplus International would like to start by offering our truly heartfelt thanks to you and to all the NHS clinicians, staff and key workers for being on the frontline and doing a simply incredible job in helping us navigate through the current crisis. 

I, personally, have family and dear friends on the front line and so our intention is to spread positivity. 

We will solely be focussing on positive news and uplifting stories about what an individual or a department in the hospital has done through these times. We plan to share these on social media and via web banners on our website as well as via our Media partners. 

We want to show our appreciation for the NHS Heroes, NHS Volunteers and Key Worker Heroes by sharing your stories in a way that uplifts the spirit of the nation. This may be a simple write up or a short video.

 We will include your name/location details or alternatively, we can share posts anonymously; we will take the cue from you on this matter. 

Please share your positive news stories with us at heroes@medicareplus.co.uk or please do email me directly if you prefer or indeed, if you have any questions or other ideas. 

I hope that you will see the benefit of this initiative and look forward to hearing from you. 

And finally, thank you again!

 Yours sincerely, 

Mr. Kashyap R. Karia

Director of Commercial Affairs

Postie Colin McAlpine’s bagpipes brightens up the village’s day

Postie Colin McAlpine HeroFor me as a Village Postie, I became acutely aware of the changes to people’s routines as soon as the Schools closed. There was a lot of uncertainty and confusion for everyone leading up to Lockdown but there was also a bonding together, a solidarity if you will, from an unexpected source. It came from the youngsters in the form of the Children’s Rainbow. I began to see it everywhere along with messages of support for the NHS and Key Workers. Almost every window has a hand drawn poster, walls and pavements are adorned in chalk drawings and positive messages.

A couple of people in the Village knew I played the bagpipes and asked if I could play a few tunes outside their houses. I was a bit nervous about doing that as the Pipes are a bit like Marmite – you either love them or you don’t and they aren’t exactly discreet. However, I played one afternoon, when I had finished, it seemed the whole of the street were stood in their doorways applauding and shouting their thanks for brightening up their day. I have played at several spots in the Village since. From my perspective, playing a few tunes is no hardship for me but if it helps take people’s minds off the current situation and gives them something else to talk about, then I feel I have helped.

Colin McAlpine – Bestwood Village, Nottingham Postman

Dr. Dan O’Carroll salutes colleagues and friends 

Dan O Carroll Pic AnE ConsultantAs the first wave of the corona virus pandemic appears to be easing, it’s worth reflecting on what the NHS has managed to achieve in such a short space of time.

Whole system approaches, with adoption of new ways of working has meant that Emergency departments up and down the country have not been overwhelmed by the patients suffering from COVID-19. Every single member of staff has stepped up, from porters and domestics, without whom we couldn’t do our jobs seeing the patients, to the surgeons who took on training to help to care for the tickets patients being ventilated on Intensive care.

When the first ‘clap for carers’ took place, I was indifferent towards it, and didn’t expect it to take off and to be embraced by the general public with such enthusiasm, but as it seemed to have grown in scale back week, you can’t help but be touched by the long overdue outpouring of appreciation for the NHS staff, who really have risen to this greatest of challenges.

All of the staff have been deeply touched but by the incredibly kind donations of food from local businesses, which surely must be struggling to keep afloat, and from private individuals, including children, donating essential provisions for staff, when the supermarkets were struggling in the early days of this crisis.

It means a great deal to the staff to know that the public are thinking about them and are appreciating the work that is being done, this is particularly poignant when colleagues and friends have fallen ill and even died from this virus.

I’ve never been prouder to work for the NHS and with these exceptional people, they really are inspirational, and it shows what we can achieve when they are given the appropriate resources.

Dr. Dan O’Carroll – A&E Consultant, Birmingham