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Lifteez Adhesive Remover – Product Information Pack

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LIFTEEZ is a medical adhesive remover which helps to remove all types of adhesive dressings and stoma or securement devices that adhere to your skin, gently and painlessly. It helps to prevent skin damage and reduce pain or discomfort during dressing or device removal.

LIFTEEZ product literature and guidance is available below in PDF format. The PDFs are downloadable, printable and shareable; if you are restricted when sending files within your network the URL of this page can be used to share access –

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Lifteez Medical Adhesive Remover - MARSI Guide

A detailed information leaflet covering the use of Lifteez Medical Adhesive Remover in the prevention of skin damage caused by MARSI (Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injury)

Lifteez Medical Adhesive Remover - Patient Information Leaflet

A detailed Information leaflet including instructions for use of Lifteez Medical Adhesive Remover, and answers to common FAQs

Lifteez Medical Adhesive Remover - MARSI Poster Guide

A printable A4 poster with information on the types of MARSI (Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injury)